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Coach Charles Brown has provided more than 35 years of leadership to Lazy B-5 Ranch in the production of speciality breeds, registered gray brahman and golden certified F1 heifers (Certified Brucellosis Herd #6125). Since it's aggressive beginning in 1977, Charles Brown ("Coach") has produced award winning registered gray brahman, award winning golden certified F1s, and an exceptional line of brahman herd bulls. Lazy B-5 Ranch also produces high nutrient hay, including coastal burmuda,alfalfa, sorghum, sudan, and oats.

"Coach" has built a world class operation using state-of-the-art herd management techniques, including herd health management using the Texas A&M Large Animal Veterinarians and high quality feeding programs based on high nutrient grasses and hay. Lazy B-5 Ranch has participated in research programs in partnership with Texas A&M university. Coach also keeps abreast of the issues at the forefront of breeding specialty cattle by regularly participating in a variety of development programs such as the Texas A&M University Beef Short Cattle Course. Coach has also worked with the Texas Department of Agriculture to host international visitors and buyers from Africa, South America, and Central America.

Coach Brown has worked diligently to produce a "winning record" in his more than 35 years of building the cattle operation, just as he did in his 36 years as a preeminent Head Coach at 4 Texas High Schools. Coach has earned numerous awards, some of which include winning pens at Texas Livestock Show and Rodeo Annual F1 Sale, at Sartwelle's Consignment Sale in Sealy, TX, and at the Annual Brahman and F1 Sale in Wharton, Tx. He has received Several Reserve Champion Pens for F1 Heifers awarded by the American Brahman Breeders Associaiton, Mutliple First Place Awards in the Brazos County Hay Producers Hay Show, as well as Outstanding Leadership Honoree Award by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service.

Coach Brown has been a leader in and member of various cattle organizations including the American Brahman Breeders Association, the Texas Southwestern Cattleman Association, and the Certified F1 Female Program Association. Coach has also served as an executive leader with the Brazos County Area Hay Producer's Association (Chairman), the Robertson County Beef Improvement Association (Chairman), Robertson County Farm Bureau (Board Member), Texas Brahman Breeders Association (Board Member), and Brazos County Beef Cattle Association (Board Member).

In keeping with his community service, Coach Brown served the State of Texas as a director on the the State Pest Control board and as a director on the Landowners Association of Texas board.

Coach Brown's winning way did not begin with his world class cattle operation. Charles Brown's has a 36 year winnig record as a Head Coach and Recruiter at Texas A & M. Coach Brown's football coaching record speaks for itself: 203 wins, 101 losses, and 1 tie. He won 2 undefeated State Championship in football, 1 State Championship in baseball, 3 State Finalist in football, 2 Zone Championships in football, 1 Tri-Zone Championship in football, and 9 Districts Championships. Rightly so, the Texas High School Coaches Association inducted him into the Hall of Honor in 1999. His awards include Third All-time Leader in the Greater Houston Area (1983), District 21 AAAA Coach of the Year (Baytown Sun), AA Coach of the Year in Houston (Texas Southern University), THSCA Award of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement in the Coaching PRofession with over 200 Football victories, THSCA 25 Year Membership Award, THSCA Award of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement in the Coaching Profession, and Prairie View Interscholastic (PVILCA) Hall of Honor 2006.

Coach Brown has provided significant leadership in the coaching community in a variety of roles. Formerly, Coach was a Board Member for the annual Henry Franka Football Clinic in San Antonio, Texas, and participated every year in various leadership capacities in the annual Texas High School Coaching School (THSCA). In keeping with his concern for people Coach Brown served as a Committee Member for the Texas Educational Desegregation Technical Assistance Center and a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. "He also held memberships in several organizations including, Southwestern Athletic Conference Football Officials Association, THSCA Selection Committe Member for the All-Star High School Games, and THSCA President Elect Committee.

Coach Brown served as Head Coach and Recruiter at 4 Texas high schools and 1 university: Texas A&M University (Recruiter); Dixon High School, Sheppard, Texas; Booker T. Wahsington High School, Conroe, Texas; George Washington Carver High School, Houston, Texas; and Forest Brook High School, Houston, Texas.

Coach Brown earned his Bachelor of Arts in Education from Texas College in Tyler, Texas (1950) and his Master of Science in Administration from Prairie View A & M University in Prairie View, Texas (1960). Coach Brown also served in the United State Armed Forces in the Field Artillery Division in Wertheim, Germany and completed Post Graduate studies at the University of San Francisco.

Coach Brown was born and raised in Montgomery County, Texas and is the sole son of Reverend Abe and Mary (Miller) Brown, both of whom were leaders in the church as Pastor and Mission President. Coach's early years were spent working along side his father, Abe Brown in timber and in farming. The work ethic, knowledge of farming, and aspirations of becoming a rancher that he garnered as a young boy have become the ingredients for the success of the Lazy B-5 Ranch. These ingredients combined with his initiative and gift of intellect have spurred him on to greatness in both ranching and coaching -- all from his beginnings as Abe and Mary's son. His early gift for intellect was firmly established early on when he won the spelling bee in junior high school and graduated from high school at age of 16 Lawson High School in Montgomery. Having been granted an athletic scholarship to Texas College, Coach played football (tackle), track (shot put), baseball (outfield) over the course of four years and a quarter.

Coach has always been a visionary and founded several entities in addition to Lazy B-5 Ranch. Coach Brown founded the football program at Dixon High School in Sheppard, Texas. He helped to organize the first Armed Forces Football Team in Wertheim, Germany and served as Player-Coach (1954 and 1955). Under his leadership and with his athletic skills, the team won the Main Conference in its first year of play.

A special honor has been bestowed on Coach Brown by his players from B. T. Washington High School in Conroe -- after a surprise reunion celebration, the "Bulldogs" began a scholarship in Coach Brown's name for students in the Conroe area.

When we think of Coaches, we often think of their voice as thy instruct, motivate, and direct. Coach Brown certainly has a voice and has delivered meaning messages in a variety of venues -- motivational speaking, key note speeches,and Sunday School. As a recognized legend and authority, Coach has been the key note speaker at the Henry Franka Football Clinic, at the THSCA Region 5A Meeting, at multiple Athletic Banquets, and at numerous Black History Programs. Not limited to verbal presentation, he published an article entitled, "Discipline at G. W. Carver" in the Texas Coach magazine, October 1975.

Aside from football, Coach Brown lives a Christ-centered life and is quick to share about his relationship with the Lord! His fervent belief is evident when he serves as the speaker leading Sunday School classes on regular basis. Coach Brown is a philanthropist of the highest order -- he is quick to give his time, his service, and his support in places of need.

Coach Brown is married to Carolyn Joyce Sadberry Brown, his wife of 57 years. Charles, affectionately known as "PaPa", is father to 3 daughters -- Daphne, Pamela, Candace; 3 sons by marriage -- William Pradia, Ray Taylor (deceased), and Artis Johnson; and 2 granddaughters -- Rachel Antoinette Taylor and Caitlin Madison Johnson.

Carolyn Joyce Sadberry Brown has a long history of involvement in farming and ranching. As the grand-daughter of John Riley and Alice (Smith) Sadberry and daughter of Heslip and Lillie (Mazy) Sadberry, Carolyn's farm and ranch experience originates with her having grown up with parents and grandparents that owned and operated the Sadberry Farm which covered over 3000 acres. The Sadberry Farm was an extensive farm and ranch operation that included cattle, cotton, pecans, fruit orchards, sheep, goats, hay, and produce.

A portion of Lazy B-5 Ranch is currently situated on the original Sadberry Farm that Carolyn, her parents, and her grandparents owned and operated. Many tenants and sharecroppers contributed to the success of the Sadberry Farm. In keeping with the tradition of her grandparents and parents, Carolyn has worked diligently and tirelessly to oversee the development in the Benchley community by working with County Judges, County Commissioners, Congressmen, and local politicians. Some of her endeavors have included road preservation and development (maintenance and signage), preservation of mineral right ownership for oil leases, negotiation of oil leases, supporting the annual Sadberry Family Reunion, and preservation of the Wilson Chapel Cemetery.

One of Carolyn's most recent endeavors is the registration of the Wilson Chapel Cemtery as a historical landmark in the State of Texas. The origin of the Wilson Chapel Cemetery dates back to the era of Carolyn's grandparents, John Riley and Alice Sadberry, and to her parents, Heslip and Lillie Sadberry -- all of whom granted the land for Wilson Chapel Cemetery, the Wilson Chapel Church, and the community school, the Mount Peavy School (later known as the Couch School and later renamed the Wilson Chapel School). The Deed Records of Roberston County Courthouse are a proud reminder of the philanthropic contribution of Carolyn's foreparents. (Robertson County Deed Records Vol. 81 p. 398 and p. 353; Robertson County Deed Records, Vol. 63 p.427)

Carolyn has carried on the legacy of her foreparents in land preservation and community development. She has participated in multiple endeavors that support the preservation and improvement of land. Carolyn currently serves as a director on board of the Landowners Association of Texas in keeping with her belief in preserving your heritage of land. She also has helped to bring water to rural areas in central Texas by working tirelessly as a director on the OSR Water Supply Corporation board. As a result of her initiative, Sadberry Farm IV-Lazy B-5 Ranch has gained recognition from the State of Texas as a Century Ranch of Texas for more than 100 years of continuous ownership and operation as a family agricultural enterprise. The Sadberry Farm operation was founded in 1895, and Lazy B-5 Ranch ramped up operations in 1977.

Carolyn's experience and contribution has extended beyond the reaches of the Benchley community development. Carolyn has over 50 years of experience as an educator in the roles of supervisor and teacher. Carolyn has educated students on all levels ranging from first graders through fourth year college student teachers. Carolyn culminated her career as a University Supervisor for the Texas A & M School of Education. Prior to her tenure with Texas A&M, Carolyn held a variety of positions including Chapter I Reading Teacher, Director of Remeidal Math Lab, Grade Chairman, Director of High School HOme Economics Department, and classroom teacher.

Carolyn's certifications include Texas Teacher Appraisal System (TTAS), Individual Testing, INstructional Leadership Training Institute for Administrators (ILT), TECAT, Superintendent Certification, Administrator Certification, Principal Certification, High School Certification, Vocational Education Certification, Driver Education Certification, Special Subject and Elementary Certification.

Carolyn has served as an educator in two universities and six school districts in Texas, including Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas; Prairie View A & M University, Prairie View, Texas; Aldine Independent School District, Houston, Texas; Conroe Independent School District, Livingston ISD, Livingston, Texas; Conroe, Texas; Wharton Independent School District, Wharton, Texas; and Navasota Independent School District, Navasota, Texas.

In an era when life itself was a challenge for African Americans, Carolyn matriculated to college and graduate school in addition to completing post-graduate studies. Carolyn holds two degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics & Elementary Education from Prairie View A & M University (1951) Prairie, View, Texas and a Master of Arts in Administration & Supervisionm and Home Economics from Prairie View A & M University (1953) Prairie, View, Texas. In keeping with her adventurous and assertive nature Carolyn also completed Post Graduate Studies at Colorado A & M University in Fort Collins, Colorado and University of Houston in Houston, Texas.
A native of Benchley, Texas, Carolyn graduated from Blackshear High School in Hearne, Texas. Her strong management skills and discernment ability were established in early in her child hood years as she watched her mother, Lillie Mazy Sadberry manage a sprawling farm and ranch operation, replete with sharecroppers and tenants, after the tragic death of her father, Heslip Sadberry. The character she developed in her childhood has carried over as she has made exceptional contributions in her career in education, in the preservation of the Sadberry inheritance via multiple community development initiatives, and in the development and well being of her family. Carolyn is married to Charles Wesley Brown, her husband of 57 years.

Carolyn, affectionately known as "Granny", is mother to 3 daughters -- Daphne, Pamela, and Candace; 3 sons by marriage -- William Pradia, Ray Taylor (deceased), and Artis Johnson; and 2 granddaughters -- Rachel Antoinette Taylor and Caitlin Madison Johnson.

Charles and Carolyn Brown

Carolyn and Charles

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Charles and Carolyn have 3 daughters -- Daphne, Pamela, and Candace. They have 3 sons by marriage -- William (husband of Daphne), Ray (husband of Pamela - 12/27/61 to 10/26/91 ), and Artis (husband of Candace). They are also very proud to report that they have 2 granddaughters -- Rachel (daughter of Pamela and Ray) and Caitlin (daughter of Candace and Artis).

William and Daphne

Daphne and William

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Pamela and Rachel

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Artis, Caitlin, and Candace

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