Lazy B-5 Ranch

Intersection of Sadberry Road and Highway 6

  1. From Houston take 290 Northwest, and go beyond Prairie View.

  2. Exit to the right onto Texas 6 (The sign reads College Station Bryan) – Set mileage to zero.

  3. Go 57.8 miles to Sadberry Road. As you go the 57.8 miles, you will see the following landmarks:

    1. At 18.4 miles you will see 105 Exit at Navasota, TX
    2. At 36 miles you will see College Station Water tower on left
    3. At 41.7 miles you will see Highway 30 turn off to Huntsville
    4. At 46.7 miles you will see Martin Luther King exit in Bryan, TX
    5. At 54 miles you will see OSR (Old Spanish Road) Sign
    6. After about 56 miles, you will go under a railroad underpass, and you will only have ONE MILE to go before it is time to turn LEFT off the highway onto Sadberry Farm Road. Get in your left lane soon after you go under the railroad underpass. Put your left blinker on well in advance, and begin to slow down so the traffic will know you are turning off the highway. When you see the yellow turning lane open up, get in it and begin to slow down because you will be at the turn off very shortly.
  4. Turn Left on Sadberry Road.
    1. This turn off is in the town of Benchley, between Bryan and Hearne.
    2. You will see a green "Benchley" sign on your right
    3. You will see the “Summit Store” on your right.
  5. Go 2.4 miles, beyond the stop sign, along a winding road until you get to a “T” in the road.

  6. Turn Left at the “T” (Sadberry Road goes left and John Riley Road goes right).

  7. Follow the road around until you see Lazy B-5 Ranch sign.

  8. Turn right at the Lazy B-5 Ranch entrance.

  9. Proceed up the hill.

Entrance to Lazy B-5 Ranch

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